The Mission of the Qadriya Sufi Foundation of America (QSFA)*




The Qadriya Sufi Way traces its lineage back to Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani RAA. The Sufi master lived almost a 1000 years back and was known for his love of the Beloved.  He was also known for his many miracles and sublime writings.  QSFA is a spiritual organization, that is, our foremost concern is to affect transformation within the individual.

Our goal is to create love within an individual.  That is, love for God and love for God's Creation.  As Qadriya Sufis, we believe that every spiritual path leads to the same goal.  What matters is not the path one chooses, but how much one practices the spiritual principles of the path.  As H. Rumi, a Sufi master once said:

Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

On another occasion, when he was enraptured with love, he exclaimed:

Bring the pure wine of

love and freedom.

But sir, a tornado is coming.
More wine, we'll teach this storm
A thing or two about whirling.

We are grateful to get the opportunity to accomplish some socially responsible service activities, but these activities are performed to please the Beloved and affect change within the individual. We love and respect the land we live in.  We are grateful for the opportunity to pray for this beautiful country and for the whole planet.

At QSFA, we cherish all paths and enthusiastically believe that every spiritual path leads to the Divine Presence.  The goal of our life is to please the Beloved by loving Him unconditionally and loving His Creation. We try to live simply, gently, and compassionately.  We  are proud to have in our membership, people who belong to various different spiritual backgrounds and faith practices.


1. Inculcating Unconditional Love of the Beloved**
The prime purpose of this private foundation is to encourage people “to fall in love with God.”  That is, to encourage people to reach God Realization/Self Realization.  As our beloved master, Allama Chaman Qadri R.A. used to often say: "Without loving God, how can one fully live this life?"

2. Encouraging Love of the Beloved’s Creation***
This includes everything on our beautiful planet. We believe that genuinely caring for people, animals, trees, etc. is one of the best experiences that our worldly life can offer. Our goal is to do our best for the local and the global community. There is no ulterior motive for our philanthropy. We just seek to please the Beloved.

3. Spreading Compassion, Peace, and Spirituality
We define spirituality as a way to the Beloved that is universal, tolerant, gentle, and compassionate. We revere all spiritual paths and we encourage you to follow your own path.**  

4. Eating Naturally and Mindfully
We will encourage you to mindfully eat the healthiest foods that you can find. We will also encourage you to treat your body as a sacred trust. If your body is frail, how can you serve others?  Many of us are vegetarian, yet we don't advocate vegetarianism for you if you eat meat.  What we suggest is to get the best, locally raised, organic food and then to eat it with gratitude and mindfulness.

5. Living with Contentment and Gratitude***
Living with contentment and gratitude means being satisfied – nay, pleased with what you have and what you don’t have. It also means using your resources sustainably and making every part of your life a meditation.



*    The Qadriya Sufi Foundation of America sounds very grandiose, but we are simple people with even simpler lives.  Our aim is not to seek financial compensation from you, or to "convert" you to any path.  There is no ulterior motive.  Our goal is to teach you to achieve deep peace and unconditional love.  

** The Beloved is called by different names by different spiritual paths and cultures.  For example, the words Allah, Divine Presence, Elyon, God, Higher Power, Inner Reality, Light, Lord, Parmeshwar, Parmatma, Peace, Source, Truth, Universe, Yahweh, etc. are some of the words used to signify the Beloved.

***   This is accomplished through Zikr Meditation and Sohbat, that is, companionship and spending time with your Murshid (teacher).  The Zikr Meditation sessions are for people who want inner peace in their lives.  More importantly, the meditation sessions are for people who are seriously interested in realizing God consciousness. 



If you have any questions about achieving peace and compassion in your life, please come to one of our meditation sessions, or write to us at  Please let us know about your current situation and what you hope to achieve, so our guidance can be specific to your situation.

If you have any questions about Spiritual Social Responsibility or External Social Responsibility, please contact either Amy Bott ( or Alex Hill (